Some Combover Characters:



Dr. Jason Blanco is not a real doctor.  Jason just thought it sounded official.  He enjoys walking in the park with a cane, sock garters, and combovers.  He hopes someday to be bald so he won't have to shave his head to maintain his combover.


Shelly is an avid golfer who always wears a hat on the golf course.  He says it is to protect his head from the sun's rays, but we suspect the real answer is blowing in the wind.  Shelly has no qualms about discussing his combover with anyone and has a photo library documenting his hairdo throughout the years.


Jim is a bald man who loves hair, slicked hair to be more precise.  He would love a pompadour or a DA but must settle for the slicked combover because of a shortage of hair.  He enjoys walks in Greenwich Village, golden oldies, and Pomades. Visit him at 


Rufus says he dons the combover because it keeps his head warm on cold days.  His wife wants him to reconsider the hairstyle.  Rufus enjoys a good Texas sized steak, shopping malls, and well stocked shelves at the auto parts store.


Barry is a restaurateur from the Windy City.  "It's just a habit", Barry will tell you with his mid-western accent.  Barry enjoys 'da' Bears on Sundays.




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